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Claire Townsend, Communications Manager, +1Studio

"We thought LinkedIn was just another networking site and never really bothered. Team Genius proved us wrong! They were able to get clients through persistent posting and inbound marketing. And that included our USD$3M deal! The investment was all worth it."


How we helped:

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Website visits in 3 months


New Projects


In new project acquisitions


Create a strong online presence that showcases the company’s foreign design-approach.



+1Studio Architects & Designers is a prestigious architect and design firm located in Shanghai. Founded by an Italian British architect, its aim is to show their elegant European design inspiration while collaborating with their clients to exhibit innovative and groundbreaking projects.



The firm has a diverse mix of multicultural architects and designers who are all thinking and working together to drive the creation of innovative projects. Primarily focusing on cultural, corporate, commercial, hospitality, retail, industrial, and healthcare, their work aims to be at the forefront of the design environment in China. 



With local and international partners, the team handles the entire project from initial advice and ideas for design, to planning, construction management, and supervision, both at home and abroad.


+1Studio Architects & Designers noted that their unique and inventive foreign design-approach needed traction to gain recognition. They had no existing marketing strategy in place. They had a website and online portfolio, but no compelling or exciting content to show off their beautiful designs.


Increase brand awareness, generate leads, and secure a contract.

+1Studio Architects & Designers asked us to design their digital marketing strategy with the goal of increasing brand awareness. We have to create a campaign to introduce their service and choose them for their sophisticated and forward-looking designs. A place to showcase their foreign designs and inventive skills to help build their brand.

+1studioHave a strong profile that shows their simplistic solutions with a clean and aesthetically pleasing visual expression in the Nordic tradition. Showcase their system core competencies with logistics, product, and personal safety as classified by GMP/ISO standards.

Its secondary goal is to do a lead generation strategy. Aside from securing their presence digitally, we also have to tap and create a need for their service to their ideal target prospects.

Secure at least one contract for industrial park developers in China to boost the firm’s presence and awareness and generate further income.


Increase brand awareness through a content strategy to acquire new projects in China.


As the firm had never engaged in a content marketing strategy, we completely designed one for them from ground zero. We tailored their needs and adjusted monthly or as necessary to continuously capture and wow their audience. This includes branded visuals and catchy posts that communicated their sophisticated yet modern design to highlight their unique positioning aside from Chinese architecture companies.


Branded visuals to include the company’s logo, motto, and call to action that displays the company’s website. Exhibiting their plans and previous projects created a mental picture for their prospects to recall.


By creating the company’s LinkedIn page, we were able to expand their reach and double their growth. The content marketing strategy targeted their ideal prospects: CEOs, Founders, and Property Developers in the pharmaceutical industry. Ideally, those looking to expand into industrial parks. And their followers doubled each month during the campaign.

As their LinkedIn page gains momentum, so are their leads. We custom-made their lead generation strategy. This is part of their second goal that we reached. The strategy is not just to target their leads by content but also by a sequence of nurturing. This includes exchanging messages and building their profile to their ideal clients, thus creating a trustworthy and professional persona. 


Increase in website visits, new projects, and landed one of their largest contract.



After 2 months of consistent posting and lead generation, the campaign began to produce results. The company is gaining recognition and is also in touch with CEOs and Property Developers in Tier 1 cities in China. Not only we generated quality leads, but also hot leads interested in working with the experts at +1Studio Architects & Designers.


The company’s digital presence was felt incredibly, and its hot leads skyrocketed, which turned into sales. From their LinkedIn profile alone, they are getting 7 warm leads a week. This means that the branding and the constant nurturing are meeting a success.


From the pool of qualified leads, +1Studio Architects & Designers landed contracts every 2 months with an average project budget of $600,000 to $800,000 USD. With our help in creating their digital presence, they were able to acquire their largest contract worth $3 million USD.