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Acropolis Associates is the leading HR Executive search company in Shanghai, China with more than 30 years of experience. They recruit from over 45 different countries and help top executives to find their next great opportunity in China.   
Though the CEO of Acropolis Associates is one of the “Top 3 Most Connected” foreigners in China on LinkedIn, the company never had a consistent LinkedIn content strategy, nor an efficient way to book calls with potential targets. 
With the competition for Executive Search growing in China, they needed a way to position themselves as industry experts and get more people into calls, so they came to us for a solution. 

LinkedIn is the only western social media platform not blocked in China; therefore, it’s the perfect and most effective gateway to the international job market. Acropolis Associates wanted to take advantage of this fact and leverage their CEO’s already established network. 
Acropolis Associates asked us to first help them create an integrated calendar booking system to save time and make scheduling appointments efficient and effortless. With daily inquiries into their services, they needed a way to maximize their results and protect the time of their CEO.  
Next, they wanted content creation strategy to build more brand awareness and reestablish their company as the leading experts in Executive Search in China.  

Use a branded content strategy to re-establish industry expertise


As Acropolis Associates had never engaged in a content marketing strategy, we completely designed one for them. We used more of an educational tone to communicate their value proposition and also designed branded images to make their message more memorable to the audience. 
Next, we managed the account of their CEO to not just post content, but to also engage with his connections and followers. This was a micro-content strategy, where we commented on posts within his network, interacted with those engaging with his posts, and increased his LinkedIn activities and presence overall. 
Additionally, we created their online booking calendar with an automated notification sent to the team for new calls booked by targets. 


This particular campaign yielded results atypical of most campaigns, thanks to the already established network of the CEO of Acropolis Associates. 


The first post alone generated thousands of views and an engagement of 87% from the audience, leading to new inquiries on the first day of the project. From there, each post generated hundreds to thousands of views on average, with his connections commending him for his business activities. 


Within the first few weeks, 3 calls were booked per week, on average, resulting in 2-5 new contracts acquired per month. The results were so outstanding, the client re-signed for another campaign to continue their success. 



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September 19, 2020

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