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This client, who requested to remain confidential, is an electrical and electronics manufacturing firm, providing solutions to customers across Asia for nearly 15 years. 
In early 2019, they were looking to expand into larger markets as they saw ripe opportunities for their products and services. 
Knowing LinkedIn was a great tool, but not understanding how to leverage it well, they sought our help. 

LinkedIn is the most powerful social media platform for professionals, but so many people still don’t know how to use it. 
This client had multiple ways to market and reach out to prospects, but they weren’t seeing results like they had a decade before. 
The problem? They had never shifted their methods: in-person prospecting through time-wasting meetings, trade shows, and the like. 
So, they turned to use for a solution to pivot to online prospecting and lead generation, incorporating our Employee Branding Program©.

Train the sales team how to use LinkedIn in tandem with their content and prospecting strategy to amplify results


Our client had the occasional WeChat or LinkedIn article, but nothing consistent. Their information was good, but too long and dry. We broke up their content into “bite-sized” pieces to create more excitement for their audience and managed the account of their Sales Manager. 
The company had a great offer, but their employee LinkedIn accounts and activities were lacking. Wanting to highlight their unique selling point (USP), we created their branded content strategy and trained their staff how to use LinkedIn as a team. 
Their sales team attended a monthly online training session with us, where we taught them how to optimize their profiles and share the content we created for them so that their engagement would be maximized. We also showed them how to connect with their desired targets and create a “Human2Human” (H2H) connection and humanize their prospecting. 


After a consistent posting strategy and the addition of an engaged sales team working in tandem, the client began to secure their desired targets and turn them into paying customers during the first 3 months. 
By highlighting their expertise and services, they were able to connect with people they otherwise couldn’t—especially thanks to the concerted efforts of their team as a whole. 
Out of the 3-5 weekly calls secured by the sales team, they averaged 2 new clients per month during the campaign with an average vested amount of $50,000 USD. And their connection conversion rate increased by 400% with unsolicited requests skyrocketing by 500%.