Olivia Gordon, Communications Manager, NETK5 IT

"Genius Encel really took us to the skies in lead generation. They introduced us to ‘Employee Branding’ that we’ve never heard of before. But after we did and the team went through training, we instantly became LinkedIn fans! The results were phenomenal. We’re always thankful for this partnership with the Genius Team. It is really worth the investment.​"


How we helped:

What we did:



Warm leads a week


Calls booked per week


Engagement increase


Leverage the capacity of LinkedIn to connect and find leads, strengthen the company’s branding.


NETK5 IT is an IT firm, a pioneer and leader of IT services for foreign companies (SMEs and Groups) in China. It provides fast internet and tech solutions to customers across Asia for nearly 20 years.


Founded in 2002, NETK5 has gathered a precious experience by performing, for prestigious groups, installations, maintenance, software developments, ERP deployments, and web sites in Asian languages.


Their aim is to help clients Control, Improve, and Grow their IT infrastructure with a multicultural team that speaks the language and understands the way you do your business. 


In 2019, they were looking to expand into larger markets as they saw ripe opportunities for their products and services. With LinkedIn being accessible in China and around the world, they know this business networking site was a great tool.


The challenge here is, they did not understand how to leverage the capacity of LinkedIn to not just connect and find leads, but also strengthen the company’s brand and ultimately, close a sale. Because of this, they sought our help.



Update marketing strategy, pivot to online prospecting and lead generation.


LinkedIn has more than 600 million+ users worldwide and with a concentration of business-minded people. It is the most powerful social media platform for professionals. The problem is, so many people still don’t know how to use it.


Our client has been in the IT business since 2002. They already have multiple ways of marketing and reaching out to prospects but the problem is, it is already outdated. They are not seeing the same results they did a decade before.


They had never shifted their methods: in-person prospecting through time-wasting meetings, cold calling, and the like. They wanted a change. A company facelift to get back the shine they once had and jump on to the bandwagon of digitalization. 


So, they turned to use for a solution to pivot to online prospecting and lead generation, incorporating our Genius Encel Employee Branding Program ©.


Train the sales team how to use LinkedIn in tandem with their content and prospecting strategy to amplify results.



Our client had the occasional blog or LinkedIn article, but nothing consistent. Their information was good, but too long and dry. We broke up their content into “bite-sized” pieces to create more excitement for their audience and managed the account of their Communications Manager and branded the company’s General Manager’s LinkedIn profile.

The company had a great offer, but their employee LinkedIn accounts and activities were lacking. Wanting to highlight their unique selling point (USP), we created their branded content strategy and trained their staff how to use LinkedIn as a team.

Using the Genius Encel Employee Branding Program, they were able to target and reach out to their leads. Their oldschool ways wouldn’t work for the new digital marketing landscape. We showed them this new tool.

Their sales team attended a monthly online training session with us, where we taught them how to optimize their profiles and share the content we created for them so that their engagement would be maximized. We also showed them how to connect with their desired targets and create a “Human2Human” (H2H) connection and humanize their prospecting. 


The team landed a consistent number of leads per week with three hot leads, and an increase in engagement.



The sales team learned how to create “Employee Profiles” which were their own LinkedIn profiles that highlighted the unique offer of the company. They learned to share pre-made content from our agency and maximize engagement, as well as start to reach out to leads on their own to create H2H connection.


After a consistent posting strategy and the addition of an engaged sales team working in tandem, the client began to secure their desired targets and turn them into paying customers during the first 3 months. The company became more desirable and intriguing through their integrated LinkedIn strategy. 


By highlighting their expertise and services, they were able to connect with people they otherwise couldn’t—especially thanks to the concerted efforts of their team as a whole. 


Out of the 3-5 weekly calls secured by the sales team, they averaged 2 new clients per month during the campaign with an average vested amount of $50,000 USD. With a great response from their synchronized activity on LinkedIn, they gained more traction from their content strategy, increasing their inbound marketing efforts. This made their connection conversion rate increase by 400% with unsolicited requests skyrocketing by 500%.