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Rachel Berg, Communication Manager, Emotion Digital

"Genius Encel totally aided us in terms of marketing strategy and how we can effectively use LinkedIn. We had no idea how to use it, but thankfully we collaborated with their team. They even went the extra mile and landed our CEO a spot with BFM TV!"


How we helped:

What we did:



Warm leads a week


Qualified calls a week


Contracts closed in 3 months


Position them as the industry experts in WeChat marketing to Western brands who want to come into China.

Emotion Digital


Emotion Digital is a digital marketing company focusing on WeChat as their platform. They support western companies to engage and sell in China through this Chinese super APP WeChat. With the country’s market being the largest in the world, they are the experts in developing businesses to engage almost 1 billion Chinese consumers.


emotion digital

Their team is a diverse mix of people with both local and foreign employees. This is to understand the Chinese consumer’s mindset, behavior, and culture. And at the same time never get lost in translation and understand the needs of western companies. 



It is your one-stop solution to connect with the largest and most promising market in the world. They are the industry leaders when it comes to WeChat marketing and provides a digital silk road between Europe and China.


With LinkedIn the only western networking site available in the country, they wanted to leverage its potential to connect with European companies desiring to enter the Chinese market. The challenge is to build company awareness and make stronger branding to create a lasting effect on their target leads. This is where Genius Encel comes in to fortify their strategy. 


Have a stronger brand awareness, generate leads, entice western companies to invest in China using its super APP WeChat.


Since LinkedIn is the only social media platform not blocked in China, it is the perfect gateway to reach international and European companies wanting to reach in the land of opportunity.


emotion digital


The goal is to maximize LinkedIn’s potential to further expand their reach, build trust, creating the need for western and foreign brands in China. We can do this by introducing the industries that are open or in-demand for foreign companies to come in.



Capture western brands who are interested in expanding their market to Chinese consumers but are not sure how to do it. Marketing in China is very different than the west, they don’t have Google and traditional SEO tricks will not work. This is the market of Emotion Digital, to become the bridge to translate the product easily to its Asian consumers.



Through inbound marketing and good quality content, the goal is to secure their presence in the professional networking platform. Build solid brand awareness through quality content. Publish posts that make their mark on their potential clients. Produce compelling content that creates recall and action.


Design content marketing strategy, build specific lead list, branded their posts, created & Managed a Bi-weekly Webinar.


emotion digital

For the company to connect with western brands and introduce them as the WeChat experts in China that will propel their business, we used more of an educational tone to communicate their value proposition and also designed branded images to make their message more memorable to the audience.



With the content comes the branding. We put the company’s logo, motto/slogan, call to action to direct to the company’s website and getting the audience to think about them.


We created and managed a bi-weekly webinar where interested parties can attend and learn more about the possibilities China can bring to their business. By having this kind of webinar, they can turn them into warm leads and ultimately close a deal.


Nurture their leads by doing an email sequence for a follow up with webinar attendees and registrants. This is a unique feature we did for a continuous engagement with their audience.


A good number of leads every week, hot lead calls, new contracts, and landed the company’s CEO into one of France’s number one news channel.


Euro Cash Stacks

Because of the continuous campaign of posting quality content and inbound marketing, the company now has a steady stream of leads every week. Within those leads, they at least get 5 calls per week for a shot of closing a deal.

Within 3 months, Emotion Digital signed 3 contracts amounting to an average of $500,000 per client.


We were able to land the company’s CEO, Mr. Jean-Yves Laguillez on one of France’s top news TV channels. Because of our efforts, he got invited to a seat to this prestigious channel as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL). An influencer on BFM TV, the number one news station in France.

emotion digital

This is where he was able to talk about why selling in China is the thing you need to do — further expanding his reach and building a strong and credible brand.