wei fetoly

Wei Liao, Founder, FetoLY

"I can’t imagine how my business would be without the help of Genius Encel. I don’t have any marketing plans but they made everything easy and it made me focus on my work while they give me clients to shoot. They are the best team to work with."


How we helped:

What we did:



Warm leads a week


Booked calls a week


Content visibility and engagement increase


Create a strong online presence that showcases the company’s unique approach in photography.



FetoLY specializes in headshot photography. These professional images are used for personal branding in the digital society like in newsletters, resumes, social media, corporate badge cards and the like.


Headshots are a great way to represent your business in one way or another. By having one, you put confidence into your business and make your clients willing to deal with you. It is like your “professional” and confident smile that you showcase in networking events. More like making the best first impression on people.


This is what FetoLY specializes in. They are the premier headshot photography studio in Shanghai City and are known for capturing genuine expressions.


The company’s Founder and Chief Photographer, Wei Liao, is a former employee and engineer in a known IT company. He made a complete lifestyle change to pursue his passion for photography. He had no clue about marketing and that is where Genius Encel comes in.


Brand awareness, consistent content strategy, increase in followers.




FetoLy asked us to design their digital marketing strategy with the goal of increasing brand awareness. We have to create a campaign to introduce their service and choose them for their professional and unique headshots. A studio where the company can capture genuine expressions and pull the best out of its clients.





Have a strong profile that shows their strong headshots and also showcase his expertise in other branches of photography. 


Its secondary goal is to do a lead generation strategy. Aside from securing their presence digitally, we also have to tap and create a need for their service to their ideal target prospects.


Create a solid content marketing strategy, booking calendar, improve call-to-action.


As the company had never engaged in a content marketing strategy, we completely designed one for them from ground zero. We tailored their needs and adjusted monthly or as necessary to continuously capture and wow their target audience.


By creating the company’s LinkedIn page, we were able to expand their reach and double their growth. The content marketing strategy targeted their ideal prospects and this created a “need” to have a headshot photo from the company.

Next, we managed their account to not just post content but to also engage with their connections and followers. This was a micro-content strategy, where we commented on posts within his network, interacted with those engaging with his posts, and increased his LinkedIn activities and presence overall. 


We integrated a booking calendar system to make their calls and booking more efficient. This gave them more time to focus on creating their masterpiece.


Leads, calls booked, visibility increased, deals closed.



During the duration of the campaign, the client landed 200,000 impressions and their company page following grew by 350%. They were able to captivate business owners and c-level executives.


They are now receiving an average of 8 warm leads a week that converts to 5 calls to booking.


Additionally, with Genius Encel, they were able to land a $300,000 USD contract deal of a known tech company to do profile pictures of all their staff to use in LinkedIn.


Through their lead generation strategy, they were able to land new projects and that included a $500,000 USD contract with a fortune 500 company to do a commercial deal.