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Camille Staelens, Business Developer, Mingzhu Nerval

"Genius Encel completely revamped our website and we are now getting visits and increased our newsletter subscribers. They were able to solidify our digital presence on LinkedIn that gave us warm leads in our inbox every week!"


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7 - 10

Warm leads per week


New high-profile projects


Increase in organic traffic


Amplify online visibility and create a holistic social media strategy.



Mingzhu Nerval is the leading design firm dedicated to conceiving vertical living greenery walls and artful gardens on 6 continents. With their headquarters in Shanghai, China and Paris, France respectively, they bring more than 10 years of experience to every project, fusing together edgy aesthetics with romantic designs.

mingzhu nerval

Founded by a fashion designer in China, Bai Mingzhu, and an agricultural engineer from France, Antoine Nerval, in 2010. Mingzhu Nerval is where they blended fashion design, fine arts, engineering backgrounds, and Chinese and French sensibilities to create beautiful vertical gardens in the world.


With Antoine’s agricultural engineering background, they conceive gardens as resource-efficient ecosystems. With Bai’s experience in fashion designing, they build their gardens plant by plant just like sewing a one-of-a-kind tapestry.


Their projects include collaborations with architects like Zaha Hadid, SWA, KPF, and Universal Studios Beijing which will come out in 2023-2024. They’ve been contracted by clients like the Shanghai Municipality (ICBC), MGM, and Google for high-profile projects, including multi-million-dollar commissions on 3 continents. 


As design is becoming a more competitive space, Mingzhu Nerval sought to amplify their online visibility and create a holistic social media strategy to complement their other channels. 


They also wanted a complete restructure of their website copy to improve their SEO. That’s why they reached out to Genius Encel.


Strengthen their LinkedIn online presence, implement inbound marketing to impress hard-to-reach architects.


Mingzhu Nerval had stunning visuals to show off their work, as well as a decent network for prospecting, but they wanted more. As most of their projects came from recommendations, they were ready to grow and engage in more challenging projects.


This is why they are extending their reach in the best business social networking site LinkedIn. They are looking forward to collaborating with architects and grow their pool of clients and leads.


With an Instagram strategy in place, they desired to get their LinkedIn strategy outsourced and have a stronger overall presence. They want to focus on inbound marketing and quality content to impress hard-to-reach architects on building projects designers dream about.



Their website was inviting but lacked two important elements: content optimized for SEO and storytelling. By making the site SEO (search engine optimized), search engines like Google and Bing can easily pull their site and rank theirs on top. By doing this it would help them boost their lead generation strategy.


Engage with influencers to increase brand awareness and generate new leads.

mingzhu nerval

As this firm is quite unique, we designed a content strategy to take advantage of their one-of-a-kind designs and existing portfolio by weaving modern storytelling techniques into their posts.

In combining narratives with powerful images, Mingzhu Nerval attracted new leads through LinkedIn. Our team at Genius Encel crafted these stories to match the brand’s existing voice and serve as the essence behind the company’s marketing strategy to engage potential clients. 


Our integrated LinkedIn strategy not only included content but a lead acquisition and influencer campaign as well. We reached out to influencers in similar industries on their behalf to not just land them new contracts, but to also get them featured in prestigious magazines in Europe and North America.

Having the right keywords, backlinks, and inbound links will put the company’s website on the map. By making it rank on search engines like Google, it can gather new leads and provide the company an image of trustworthiness.

mingzhu nerval


Sure warm leads per weak, signed high-profile projects, increase in organic traffic.


mingzhu nerval

Within 2 months, the LinkedIn posts for Mingzhu Nerval received over 500,000 impressions while their company page following grew by 516%. 

Additionally, with their newly SEO-optimized website, traffic grew by 120% with an increase of email subscribers by 18%. Their founder and CEO was also invited to several interviews on podcasts and with journalists writing for design magazines, like the well-established New York publication “By Koket.”


Through their lead generation strategy, they landed 8 new projects, including an exclusive multi-million-euro contract with the city of Paris.

mingzhu nerval