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When COVID-19 shook the world, everything stopped. People were uncertain and fearful, especially when it came to their financial well-being. 



Olivar & Greb is a leading financial firm in China and is the only one in Shanghai that is SEC compliant. They had multiple solutions to protect and even grow wealth but were stuck in the old ways of growing their client base—in-person prospecting through: 



·      Networking events
·      Live seminars
·      Office meetings

O&G turned to us for a solution to pivot to online prospecting and lead generation. They needed a new way to prospect, as well as become consistent with their content and inbound marketing strategy. And in building an online audience, the firm wanted to highlight their unique value proposition as the only financial firm in Shanghai to be SEC compliant. 

Use a webinar as a lead magnet to engage with qualified leads


O&G serves high net-worth clientele, so we needed a plan to match their sophisticated requirements. Therefore, we created a lead magnet to match the current state of digital marketing: a bi-weekly webinar. This served as the first entrance to their sales funnel. 

Additionally, we designed their complete content marketing strategy: LinkedIn posts to educate the audience while also containing a call-to-action, and a sequence of nurturing messages to their ideal targets: HR executives for corporate financial services and high net-worth individuals. 

After delivering a consistent webinar for 3 months, O&G began to engage with qualified leads and turn them into prospects. By highlighting their expertise and services, they were able to connect with people they otherwise couldn’t.

Furthermore, with the integrated booking calendar system we built for them along with email follow-ups, they saw an influx of prospects to keep their sales funnel full. 


Each webinar conducted by O&G maintained an average of 50 registrants with 25-30 actually attending. 
Out of the 25-30 attendees, O&G received an average of 5-10 booked calls, ranging from HR Executives to CEOs to high net-worth individuals. 
From the 5-10 booked calls, the firm averaged 3 new clients per month during the campaign, with an average of $500,000 USD per acquisition. 
Finally, O&G gained more traction from their content strategy, increasing their inbound marketing results. New inquiries went up by 36% because of their engaging, informative content.