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Website visits in 3 months


New Customers


Worth of new revenue deals

Brand awareness regarding AMOLED technology increased

Samsung Display needed to develop a campaign that would effectively communicate the key value propositions of its AMOLED technology to customers —namely mobile phone manufacturers — in the China market. The AMOLED screen has a larger range of colors displayed on a wider, thinner screen, featuring rich blacks and vibrant colors, as well as health benefits for user eyes. They aimed to position the AMOLED screen as technology that improves quality of life.
Reach China mobile phone manufacturers who may be interested to integrate AMOLED technology into their devices, building direct B2B leads and driving revenue. Build awareness with the first level target market about AMOLED – technology enthusiasts and consumers interested in better screen technology that affects colors.

Use a survey to build a factual case and promote through a famous doctor celebrity


Through industry experts and a well-designed microsite, communicate the value and benefits of AMOLED technology and build demand with cutting-edge consumers.

To begin, a thorough target audience analysis was performed to determine where people were getting their information and engaging, and what information was important for them to be sharing with their network.

Brandigo focused efforts on three main channels to drive traffic and awareness: Chinese social media, traditional media, and carefully selected online advertising placements.

We developed a visually impactful microsite as well as a comprehensive PR and advertising campaign. Six experts in fields ranging from ophthalmology to photography, cosmetics and color were interviewed to draw on their experiences and know-how regarding to how better screens allow objects to be viewed in their true colors. Interview stories were published online as well as offline through channels to reach electronics industry experts and consumers interested in new technology.


Through the campaign, Samsung Display was able to build awareness around their innovative screen technology with key influencers in China, resulting in over 450,000 site visits during the campaign period — the majority of whom came via technology channels.

Samsung also benefited directly, winning at least 7 new customers — Chinese mobile phone and device manufacturers interested in the AMOLED technology, generating $10 million USD in new business for the company. AMOLED is now known as an attractive feature for interactive devices in China, from phones to watches, and has now even been adopted into new Apple iPhones.