Google – SIY

Brenda Petersen, Shanghai Coach, SIY-China

"I’m glad that we were able to collaborate with the Team Genius to help us launch our program. We were able to get leads and the program eventually started a wildfire. They are the best in what they do, especially LinkedIn."


How we helped:

What we did:


Successful launch of program in China


Attendees at the inaugural workshop


Partnered with local Chambers of Commerce in Shanghai


Develop their brand and successfully launch their program in China.

Search Inside Yourself China


Search Inside Yourself is a training program developed and tested by Google. They have interactive programs to teach mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership tools to unlock a person’s full potential at work and in life.


Productivity, Leadership, and Happiness are the core principles of the company. Their targets are business leaders to train them to be emotionally intelligent through mindfulness practices that all of which are backed by science.


Since they are a new company, they need to introduce themselves in the sea of professionals. The best way to do it is to use the concentrated business networking site, LinkedIn.


The challenge is to develop the company’s brand on LinkedIn through inbound marketing. This targets the right audience and also solidifies their online presence.


Have a trustworthy and stronger online presence, company awareness, and lead generation.


As a newcomer in China and on LinkedIn the company needs to establish that they are the best in what they do. Although backed by Google, they need to make their way into the Chinese community and get good leads.


To get clients that will sign up for their program, it is necessary to have a solid online presence and at the same time a trustworthy profile to invite them to sign up. Building an optimized profile that is also eyecatching is the goal.


Getting the right connections and posting the right content will continuously attract their target audience. Aside from securing their presence digitally, we also have to tap and create a need for their service to their ideal target prospects.


Implement inbound marketing, increase brand awareness, launch the program in China.



Since the team never had a LinkedIn page, we created one for them to boost their chances of brand awareness. We tailored their needs and adjusted monthly or as necessary to continuously capture and wow their targets. This includes branded visuals and catchy posts that communicated their unique program.



By creating the company’s LinkedIn page, we were able to expand their reach and double their growth. The content marketing strategy targeted their ideal prospects, business-minded people, who are mostly on LinkedIn. Their followers doubled each month during the campaign


As their LinkedIn page gains momentum, so are their leads. We custom-made their lead generation strategy. They don’t just want to target their leads by content but also by a sequence of nurturing. This includes exchanging messages and building their profile to their ideal clients, thus creating a trustworthy and professional persona.


Upon getting a good number of leads, we launch the program in China. This created the “fear of missing out” on the prospects who are only “interested” at first and nudge them to proceed with their program.


A successful launch, good number of attendees, and received partnerships in Shanghai.



After 2 months of consistent posting and lead generation, the campaign began to produce results. The company is gaining recognition and is also in touch with business decision-makers in China. Not only we generated quality leads, but also hot leads that are interested in joining their workshop.

We successfully launched their program in China with 40 attendees at the inaugural workshop. It became so successful and the word of mouth of executives in China that they were able to land a partnership with 10 local Chambers of Commerce in Shanghai.

The company became more desirable and intriguing through their integrated LinkedIn strategy. They are now getting a constant number of registrants to their webinars.