W. L. Gore & Associates


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Warm leads a week


New business meetings


Worth of new contract deals

Brand awareness regarding AMOLED technology increased

W. L. Gore & Associates is a multinational, multi-billion-dollar company specializing in materials science. Their mantra is: “Committed to innovations that improve lives.” 
One of Gore’s core divisions involves small vents inserted into mobile phones to make them more water resistant. Their Asia Pacific headquarters was at a standstill for getting in touch with decision-makers at large phone brands like Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, and Xiaomi. 
Additionally, their sales managers in China and South Korea had barely active LinkedIn accounts and no content of value to highlight their expertise and position them as industry leaders. That’s why they turned to Genius Encel for a solution. 

W. L. Gore & Associates asked us to first help them get in touch with specific targets at large phone brands in the product strategy and marketing departments. The ultimate goal of the campaign was to begin a relationship with the teams at these companies in order to get them into a first call. 
Secondary, but not the highest priority, was a content creation strategy to build more brand awareness and position an otherwise “boring” product as something exciting and innovation. Gore wanted to educate their audience about their 2019 survey and market research findings as well, which revealed consumers’ desires for more options in waterproof or more water-resistant mobile phones.  

Target specific leads and invite them to a call to share consumer findings


As the sales team had never engaged in a content marketing strategy, we completely designed one for them from ground zero. This included using their desired visuals while writing posts that told a story about the company and their consumer research findings.  
Additionally, we created their leads list for specific and general targets at Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, and Xiaomi. With their direction, we identified nearly 300 decision-makers respectively.  
Working closely with the marketing teams in South Korea and China, we asked them to validate our findings for targets before reaching out. Once we received their approval, we used a series of messages—or a “nurturing sequence”—to connect to targets, introduce the opportunity for a collaboration, and invite them to a call with the Sales Directors.  


After 3 months of consistent posting and lead generation campaigning, the project yielded incredible results. 
First, the audience responded favorably to the posts, even writing private messages to the Sales Directors and commending them for the brilliant storytelling about their company and products. 
Next, we put the company in touch with 57% of their desired targets (during the lowest usage peak of the year for any social media platform) and began to create a relationship with them. 
This resulted in an in-person or phone meeting with 13% of the targets, landing contracts exceeding $10,000,000 USD for 2021.