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Genius Encel is the leading digital agency that helps companies in Asia to get clients through LinkedIn.

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Who We Are


Who are we and how can our experience help you and your company?  

Founded by Julien Sicard and Tamar Hela, Genius Encel is the leading expert in Asia when it comes to growing your business and generating quality leads using LinkedIn campaigns.


As avid LinkedIn users who have created numerous online courses, offline workshops and conferences, and independent consultants, Julien and Tamar joined forces to amplify their complementary skillsets

Since 2018, we’ve developed and refined these campaign and lead generation systems which have been implemented for many clients across several industries. 

Our clients have seen their return on investment double or triple and often re-sign with us for on-going or new projects and developments. Our students report a better understanding of how to use LinkedIn to reach their goals, including increased visibility within their industries. And our community appreciates the value of daily support and engagement with their LinkedIn activities, as well as offline networking opportunities.  

We’re the go-to agency for all things LinkedIn in Asia… ready to join us?




What are others saying?

We have plenty of success stories.

“So far, you’ve been one of the most trustworthy partners and worth the investment.”

Ervis Micukaj


“Your generosity with time, your straightforward honesty, and your expertise have been so, so appreciated, helping me get the results I’ve been after.”

Dan Whites

CEO , Engage

“You’ve been incredibly efficient in your processes, giving us a high return on investment.”

Antoine Nerval

CEO , Mingzhu Nerval

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